Sunday Stone Series Citrine

Every Sunday QuartzBeautyGarden will feature a stone to meditate on and reflect. This week is Citrine.

Citrine usually pale or light yellow and darker colors usually indicate that it is not actual citrine but amethyst that is treated.

Hardness 7

Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is a beautiful crystal that promotes confidence and abundance.

A great oil combo to meditate with citrine is orange and arborvitae.


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Documentary Review: The Trouble with Bread

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Filmmaker Maggie Beidelman journeys on a quest for answers about gluten intolerance and a hunt for the perfect loaf—one she can eat without getting sick. Along the way, she makes some unexpected discoveries about crucial changes to the wheat itself. Let’s just say that bread, as you know it, is not what you think.

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I have been having digestive problems and have been trying to work on my diet to relieve the symptoms. I have only ate fruits and vegetables for the past week but will be slowing introducing more foods into my diet to determine what is causing my stomach issues. Bread is one food I know causes stomach issues for me so I am thinking about giving it up and not to begin eating it again. The movie talks about the issues with modern bread and why it can cause so many issues for people. The movie is made in America so it specifically talks about the current wheat farming conditions here and how it is different than many other parts of the world. This really sheds light on the rise in demand of gluten free items here. The movie features Micheal Pollan who is really an outstanding and informative source on nutrition. He has written many great books and if you enjoy reading health topics definitely check out any of his books. I have not read one I do not enjoy! It’s a very short movie so I recommend it to anyone who likes health topics or enjoys watching documentaries.

That Vitamin Movie | FMTV

With prescription medications now in the top ten killers of Americans, taking more lives than illegal drugs and more lives than car accidents, this timely documentary shows that there is a safer, more effective and cheaper way to tackle illness.— Read on I recently signed up for Food Matters TV. They had a deal for .99 cents for the first month so I figured why not try it put, i am always looking for thought provoking shows to watch and love documentaries plus I enjoy learning about health and nutrition. I picked this to watch because I suffer from nutrition deficiencies. I have been on mega dose vitamin therapy before and it improved my health a lot. I suffer from low vitamin D and B 12. I never realized how bad a vitamin deficiency can make you feel until blood work reveled how low my levels were. I learned a lot of my poor health symptoms were related to my low vitamin d and b 12. I no longer need the mega dose therapy but I will always take supplements for the rest of my life because I never want to become extremely deficient again. As you can see this movie was appealing to me based on personal experience. The movie highlights the importance of vitamins and minerals in your diet. It talks about mega dose therapy as well as routine day to day supplement usage. i really enjoyed the information brought forth in this documentary and it was presented in a fascinating and appealing way. I recommend this movie to anyone interested in nutrition and proactive about taking care of their health.

Simple & Soothing Mood Boosters

Some of my favorite quick & easy mood busters to help me get out of a funk. These are some simple techniques that can help with mild anxiety or stress.

Tea ☕️

Herbal tea can offer many benefits including reducing anxiety and stress. Some of my favorites for this include lavender,chamomile, and valerian root.


About a year ago I started using essential oils and have noticed what a quick pick me up aromatherapy can offer. I use a diffuser at home and keep a rollerball in my purse with a scent that relaxes me

Journaling 📝

Sometimes just unplugging and good old pen and paper can do the trick. I do a combo of free journaling, guided journals and even just making lists too!


Low magnesium can cause a lot of issues that can affect mood. I take magcalm at night to help relax and increase magnesium levels. Also an epsom salt bath will both relax and increase magnesium levels as well.

Breathing Exercises

I downloaded a couple apps that count your breathes and help guide breathing exercises. This really helps ground and calm me.

Vitamin D 🌞

I actually regularly get my vitamin d levels checked and realized that when it is low my mood suffers. Being outside in the sun is such a mood lifter plus your raising your vitamin D.

What are some of your favorite ways to combat stress?

Maid Up and Ready Birchbox

I received this box awhile ago and finally got to review it. It was on sale and I had points so I spent it on this box.

Benefit hoola quickie contour stick-travel size good for needing bronzer in a rush.

Living Proof humidity shield- excellent for summer time and keeping frizz at bay

Smashbox photo primer- I am not a huge fan of primer currently so did not really het too excited for this.

Skyn Iceland eye gel-favorite item in box. They are relaxing to use and nice for spa night.

Wanderlust hair clip-cute moon design happy to see a lifestyle item in the box

Jouer lip enhancer- very conditioning and make my lips plump and glossy (clear color)

Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil-very nice to use and did not make my face oily.

Overall I liked the box and wish the regular monthly birchbox was more like this one.

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Weekly beauty faves

This week I have three beauty faves. I have been hooked on my milk roll on blush. I received this in a birchbox a long time ago. I just started using it and love the easy application. I keep it in my purse to use on the go. Another subscription box item is my too faced melted. I got this in glossybox. The color is really versatile and I use it on top of my regular lipstick . Last is a skin care item. Vichy is a great brand that you can buy at cvs. The one step cleansing miscellaneous solution provides a great way to refresh anytime. It works to emote dirt and makeup and helps reduce oily skin. These are my current faves for the week.

Try it Tuesday

Hi posting about some new items I tried this Tuesday. This week is one of favorite k beauty brands Laneige. I became familiar with Laneige through Target beauty boxes.

The water sleeping mask is great at night. It is light and you wear it to sleep. It moisturizers your skin all night and it really brightens your face. The second item is water bank moisture cream which is for day use. It works great and smooths in easily without making your skin oily. I love these two products and will be buying the full sized versions.